Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Roll a Picasso With buddies

Today our buddies came to our class  and we made a Picasso drawing. Since I share a buddy with someone else, we had to rock, paper, scissors to see who get to make their own Picasso drawing and who has to be with our buddy. I lost so I had to be with my buddy while Sieun gets to make her own. I explained what we had to do and found out that my buddy was doing the same thing in art. So he basically already knows what to do.  We had these really cool dice, it was see through and had another mini dice in it. We started drawing and we rolled the dice and got number 1, it was a rectangular head. Then we had to divide the head into to two so we drew a line down the middle. After we did that, we roll the dice to get an eye and roll the dice again to get another, and so we kept on doing that until we get all the facial parts of the body. After all that, we outline everything in black with an oil pastel then color it. My buddy chose a lot of different colors for a lot of different  reasons. When he finished his project we took a picture and headed of  to the playground.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Exhibition is over

Now that exhibition is over I feel relieved, because we had to do a lot of research and a lot of writing  I feel proud of myself and my group for achieving our goals and inspiring people to take action. I am also proud of myself because I have done a lot of of research for my group.

My group is continuing to spread awareness about animal poaching, mainly the moon bears, pangolins and rhinos. We are spreading awareness in small communities first, then moving onto bigger and bigger communities. We want everyone to know that animal poaching is bad and its useless. Some people do it for medicine but their are a lot of alternatives like herbs. We even have some of those herbs in UNIS.

I appreciate all my teacher who help us, gave ideas and inspiration. If my group didn't have them, then we wouldn't have got this far. I also appreciate Rachel for working really hard. She was very determined on what shes doing. She planned all our mentor meeting and a large percentage of our field trip to the bear sanc. in Tam Dao.

Music Consert

Today we had our music concert that we have been preparing for weeks. First the band went up on stage and played their songs which was Let's Rock, Lightly Row Duet and Mickey Mouse March. After they played all their songs, Strings was next. The cellos went on staged and played Here it Comes and Rhythm Fever. After the cellos was the violins which I was in. While playing I made a few mistakes but I don't think anyone noticed. When we played our two songs, we played a song with the cellos, its called tip toe boo. Personally I don't really like that song.when we finished the song, the advanced player played, i wasn't an advanced so i dont really know what happened. We had to give out instruments to the forth graders, since they are not old enough to keep an instrument. After that, we're officially done. So we're back to normal, no more rehearsals or anything. :)

Bear Sanctuary Field trip (PYPX)

On Thursday, me, Rachel and Hai Phong went on a field trip to the bear sanctuary in Tam Dao. It took an hour and a half to get there by bus. When we arrived, our guide, Hang, told us everything that is happening to the bears and what they do to the bears. After she told us about what happens I was so sad, some bears even have to get their teeth and limbs removed!! After all that, we went to see the actual bears. The were so majestic and cute. We saw several different places with bears in them. Hang also showed us some cages people keep the bears in. We were walking for a while then, one of us asked Hang if there are any cubs, we asked her if we could go see them and she said yes. But first, we have to have special permission. Hang asked a lady on walkie talkie to see if we could go see the cubs and she said yes but we have to be quite. She said that we are technically VIPs because only VIPs are aloud to go in there. There were five cubs, but we only saw 3 of them. There was Murphy the youngest one, Layla, Sassy and golden. Layla love people she follows them a lot. They we're a bit bigger than  i was expecting, but still so cute. Anyways, after that we went to the kitchen to see what the bears eat. That can basically eat most fruit and vegetables, they even eat jelly and dog food. We looked through the kitchen and walked back where we started to have lunch. While we were eating, we watched some videos about some bears and we also went into the souvenir store and bought a few things. when we finished lunch then we had to go back to school.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Market Day

 Today was Market Day. Market day is basically the grade 4  students selling different things like cotton candy, slushy, slime... I thought it was kind of unfair for the grade 5 students because they only get to go at 13:05 while the other grades get to buy all the things they want, and also we had to take care of the K2 kids which was the grade 4 student's buddies. I had to take care of a girl named Evie. She was adorable. She wanted to buy like EVERYTHING. She bought cotton candy, popcorn, lemonade, cookies and a slushy. I jsut bought everything  she wanted to buy. After we bought what we SHE wanted, she finally had to go back to class and I can buy what ever i want. I bought cotton candy, a slushy and crepes.
For the crepes I was the lucky last customer. :)

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Name Mandalas with Buddies

     Making Name Mandalas With Buddies

Today, our first period was Buddies and we were going to make mandalas with our buddies, and I got a new buddy named Elliot because he was new to the school so he didn't have anyone to be his buddy, (sorry I say buddies a lot). Anyway,we stated the mandala and I told him to write his name in a creative way so that it is almost a big as the paper,but he just wrote small letters instead of big letters. Then we went to trace it on the window, after that we went to color it in but we we too slow we didn't finish it in time so Eliot had to finish it in his class.

This was when I was drawing things inside Killer Kane's back pack, Rachel was helping me think of  some things that would be in Killer Kane's backpack.
This is when I was playing this math game with Rachel. We had to find a fraction that is smaller than 1.